This year's busy season of textile industry becomes slack season, specific analysis

1, the first half of the year has been hoarding! Second half fabric traders dare not hoard!After the first half of the carnival left the second half of the "chicken feathers"! Part of garment enterprises and traders under the expectations o

09 2019-10
Danger and opportunity of debt of textile and garment industry

Since 2018, the outbreak of bond default events of private enterprises has attracted extensive attention in the market. The default subjects are scattered in a number of industries, and the default number of textile and clothing industry su

28 2019-09
China's local clothing companies to accelerate the pace of entering the international market

Since the beginning of this year, the overseas merger and acquisition boom, one after another, many local clothing enterprises accelerated to enter the international market strategy pace.While international brands have moved into China to g

28 2019-09
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