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This year's busy season of textile industry becomes slack season, specific analysis

1, the first half of the year has been hoarding! Second half fabric traders dare not hoard!

After the first half of the carnival left the second half of the "chicken feathers"! Part of garment enterprises and traders under the expectations of "hard to get a cloth", in March after a wide range of fabrics of hoarding, coupled with the rising sino-us trade tariffs on foreign trade, foreign trade enterprise under the originally after September before the orders in advance to August, from clothing to trade terminal manufacturers there is a certain amount of fabric inventory, when the market after the raw material inventory saturated, predictably, October 9, the main clothing, fabric traders also dare not to stock up, order placement is slow.

2, autumn and winter especially down jacket, down, raw materials such as soaring costs doubled, dare not hoard!

In clothing production process, clothing prices and raw material costs, production losses, artificial cost is directly related to, with the improvement of the market over the past two years, including fabrics, accessories, and other related products in the clothing products jumped, according to the clothing enterprises, the current cost has doubled down, down jacket, as the main product of qiu dong season, prices soared and the change of the trend of clothing enterprises in recent years for down jacket sales of qiu dong season, therefore in low inventory or is to reduce inventories, so down jacket this order loss actually has a great influence.

Also more than just a down jacket, this a few months, chemical fiber raw materials jumped to the enterprise the cost is also rising, on the one hand, even if prices recently, is in the first half of the price increases, there is a lot of space, at the same time, the market is not stable for this season is order pricing enterprise is very difficult, in can't normal delivery, prices ridiculous situation, market rhythm is disrupted, traders are not hoarding!

3, some have been buy buy buy, but the market spot inventory is too much!
Didn't start to say your market is not realistic, indeed can also see a sign of the peak season, some clothing enterprise order issued in succession, but why it doesn't matter if you see the weaving factory orders or raw materials factory production and sales are so low, but in the past, out of season stock up season sales is normal, but the goods in the first half of the year, hot let traders hoarding too much, in the second half of September and October is cast goods of season, when high inventories have a sale, you can imagine!

4, the weather is not cool, warm winter expected strong

As mentioned above, the price of down jacket raw materials is too high to be stocked by garment enterprises. Another reason is that actually all textile enterprises are also waiting for the weather to cool down. As soon as the weather cools down, the sales of autumn and winter clothing will enter a new round of climax. However, this year, after the National Day holiday, there is not much trend to cool down. Textile people have a strong expectation of warm winter.

5. Garment processing workshops are disappearing and grey fabric upstream is expanding

Garment processing market is currently experiencing teng cage in birds, including domestic qiao town, one of the biggest clothing production base and huzhou zhili children's clothing name town, after scattered pollution regulation, the future will eliminate most of the garment processing workshop, and most of these small businesses such as taobao electricity supply business platform, in addition these enterprises supplier is mainly some mid-range conventional hydraulic products, so the garment processing workshop regulation caused the terminals of the short-term imbalance between supply and demand.
On the other hand, the upstream grey fabric is expanding. With the outbreak of grey fabric capacity, it will impact the jiangsu and zhejiang market, which will inevitably lead to the vicious competition in the period of overcapacity. At the same time, with the increase of the total amount of looms in China and the absence of corresponding supporting facilities such as printing and dyeing factories, chemical fiber factories and post-finishing facilities in the central and western regions, the produced grey cloth will still be returned to jiangsu and zhejiang for sale. The lower cost of the grey cloth will have a greater impact on the market of jiangsu and zhejiang, leading to the current severe market competition and the danger signal of excess capacity.

6. The weakening of trade and e-commerce markets in China and the United States has affected the economy, and the terminal personal consumption capacity is weakening

With new us tariffs on $200bn of Chinese imports already at 10 per cent and likely to rise to 25 per cent on January 1, the Chinese economy is starting to feel the pinch. China's manufacturing growth is losing momentum as companies prepare for the impact of U.S. tariffs.

In addition, the "double 11" effect, which was popular in previous years, has been weakened in recent years. Electric carnival season will drive a few years ago the fabric market trading volume, but since last year the effect on the wane, investigate its reason, capital flows into real estate in recent years, along with higher prices especially clothing brand price is higher, lead to terminal disposable personal consumption reduced, consumption ability is weaker, and judging from this year's double ten one order is not large.

For the textile boss, now in this season encountered a cold wave, is not expected by everyone, from the end of August to October, often look forward to the arrival of orders, but again and again failed, looking at the pile of higher inventory, this is actually more anxious than speculation!

However, not only is the order of the problem, but also every day, every week to pay attention to the price of raw materials fluctuations, often received notice of price rises are jumpy, constantly thinking: raw materials did not really buy, but this time is really to rise? Is it tentative?



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